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Winter motorcycle expedition to Alaska. "I don't like it when it's easy"


Madness or Courage? Siberia - Marek Suslik
Yakutsk INTRO english Marek Suslik


Winter motorcycle expedition to Siberia. Lowest recorded temperature -55°C, total distance covered 11264 km. Record for one day 1012 km.
Motorcycling to Siberia - Marek Suslik on Teleekspress TVP
Marek Suslik's Expedition to Siberia. Radio Rzeszów's Discussion Club.
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"Impossible Not for Poles" - Marek Suslik Part 1: Yakutsk in Winter by Motorcycle
"Impossible Not for Poles" - Marek Suslik Part 2: Yakutsk in Winter by Motorcycle
"Siberia in Winter by Motorcycle" - Yakutsk Teleexpres - Marek Suslik
-50C Yakutsk motorcycle - Marek Suslik

Jakuck Якутск Jakutsk - Marek Suslik

"Marco and Nomad on Radio Wataha - Norway" - Marek Suslik
The coldest winter in Moscow in 70 years (watch carefully)
Tychy Sports Gallery - Marek Suslik chasing the frost

Expedition to Siberia. Radio discussion club